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The phrase “tax filing” is enough to make anyone panic -- most people try to deal with their taxes as quickly as possible, by using free tax software or even by visiting one of those chain tax preparation stores. But the truth is, rushing through tax filing and cutting corners on your return leaves more money on the table for the IRS to pocket and can even create costly errors. If you run your own business, proper tax prep becomes even more important. Approach your taxes the right way with income tax preparation services in Watkinsville and Athens from Resource Partners.

Trust a CPA with Your Tax Prep Needs

A good tax plan and filing method allows you to maximize your deductions and avoid mistakes that could incur penalties. With tax prep assistance from an experienced CPA at our Watkinsville accounting office, you can achieve exactly that. There’s no reason to pay the IRS more than they’re due, or to be careless on your return and chance an audit or fee.

By enlisting our team of certified accounts to help with your individual or business tax prep, you can take advantage of:

  • Advanced tax planning strategy
  • Adjustment of withholding to maximize return
  • Increased return for deductions
  • Double-checks for errors
  • Electronic tax filing
  • Resolution of IRS problems

Resource Partners has been helping businesses and individuals properly handle their taxes for more than 30 years. Our team has a breadth of experience helping clients and can help your household or small business get the most out of tax season this year, and for years to come.

Tax Planning and Problem Resolution

The best way to take care of your taxes is to plan ahead – with the right reports or documents in order, you can ensure that tax filing is painless and allows you to get the most out of your return, while keeping in-line with the IRS’ many and complex regulations. Our tax accountants create the right tax plan for you by keeping your financial records orderly and accurate throughout the year.

However, if you haven’t planned ahead – or have avoided dealing with taxes last year, or the year before – it’s not un-common to be in hot water with the IRS. If you’re dealing with back taxes, unfiled tax returns, or even the threat of an audit, our team deals with the IRS so you don’t have to. We get you back on track with the IRS and design a tax plan that avoids these complications for the following tax season.

Get an Efficient Tax Plan Today

With our team of trained and certified tax experts, we save you your valuable time and money. Contact our accounting team today to learn more about what our Watkinsville income tax services can do for your family or your business. We also welcome clients from all over Northeast Geogia, including nearby Athens, Georgia.

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